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Too bad for the Devil--I've got no soul to sell.
But before I go on...am I under oath?
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1st-Oct-2007 11:56 pm(no subject)
Abandon all the arts
You have learned
In swordsmanship,
And in one gulp
Drink up all the waters of the West River.

I thought all the time
I was learning how to win;
But I realize now:
To win is no more,
No less, than to lose.

In the well not dug,
In the water not filling it,
A shadow is reflected;
And a man with no form, no shadow,
Is drawing water from the well.
No fancy images. No pretty words.

After 4 years of being around incognito and variously -nonmyed, I just went friends-only because I like to pretend I lead something interesting and worth hiding, I secretly fancy being an elitist prick, and overall I just really want to piss [certain] people off.

<--I kid. I just like to pretend I'm a delicious bastard and occassionally like to stroke the ego.

Though the pretending is less and less these days.

No prudes . No charlatans . No sophists .
Sex, drugs, and ... Aristotle . Swallow it .

Free admission for gyaru-kei fans .
L&#39;AGUSTgot my drink and my 2stepp--!
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